About Us.

Surfsong Consulting is here to help you strategically assess health and safety, laying the foundation to unite people where you work, learn, live and play.

We bring 40+ years of experience in health, safety and building teams in the face of adversity. Backed by a team of scientists, doctors and subject matter experts, we place health at the cornerstone of success.

Surfsong Consulting heron

Guiding Principles

Get to know you and your team to better understand how we can help.

Provide a comprehensive health & safety risk assessment.

Deliver achievable strategic solutions based in evidence.

Empower you and your team through implementation.

Assign dollar value estimates for our solutions.

Offer ongoing support to help your team when they need it most.

Heron standing in the ocean water.
Surfsong Consulting logo

Our Founding

We were founded as a result of the increased prioritization of health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our name and elements of our branding are reflective of our roots on Kiawah Island where our families sheltered in place. As a nation we pressed pause slowing our daily lives and re-thinking the way we’ve always done things. This is represented through the heron in our logo, which symbolizes stillness and tranquility, which are necessary to recognize opportunities. The blue heron specifically signifies determination and independence, important qualities for our company. Our use of navy as a hue of blue is symbolic of the beach and signifies calm, responsibility and strength, essential qualities in our approach to working with you and your team.

We look forward to working with you and your team, prioritizing your health, safety and productivity.